Bring Me Down

by The Battery

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released 15 October 2013



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Track Name: Bring Me Down
I'm a lion in the midst of wolves
No denyin my life is a list of rules
I'm decidin I might go against the pull
Tho the fence is too full so I was sent to choose
Sides my parental guides never showed success
Just figured I was destined for much less
So I press forward I'm a warlord wit a cordless
For less than a quarter you can afford rigors of rigormortus
Been tryna get my niggas upon the lords list
The wages of sin is death so who can afford this
I aborted the old mish
Sorta distorted view had me slated to be the hardest
Aboard a warship in which 4/5 were garbage
Y'all shootin stars flash in a pan
Comical we comets flow brighter than Halleys go tho more frequent
Smash with a hand backside on some pimp motion
Disproportionate amounts of explosion til ya lips closin
Colder than Eskimo with no clothes and the door open
Raised in a barn cuz when I graze imma harm that's -
plain blaze thru ya farm like a plane thru the Tarmac
So hard that I sing the sound like the sample say you can't Bring Me Down
Since Velcro lotto emblems to match my giddup
Had the head up nuff to scope a mouth when it wants a set up
Let a friend close til them toast to my demise
Then it's West Cove behavior and the toaster tween them eyes
Put most between the lines like a coach when release the signs
And the squeeze come after indicator no need to read the mind
Sing It
Keep heated they stay bakin sizzling no sizzleen
I'm grizzly unbearable spittin parables lion king you simply caribou
Very few can actually hold a candle to
The man that chews rappers in tan Sanük sandal shoes
Askin bout a feature you cant afford what the pen'll cost
Runnin round in sneakers with the tongues out like Pentecost
Line between ya dogs and kennel cough is dental floss
So I count my friends on half a hand so I don't expect a loss